The Bump Start




There is so much misinformation when it comes to leading a healthy pregnancy that you may just want to throw your hands up and just hope and pray for the best. But you have more control than you may realize, and that is what The Bump Start is here to teach you. I customize nutritional protocols that you need to increase your chances of having a viable, glowing pregnancy without medical interventions while free from stress that can enable you to bounce back easily after you give birth. Your kid is gonna be a gorgeous, strong, and  infection-fighting bad ass because you and your husband made sure of it! I want your pregnancy to be as stress-free and graceful as possible.


My nutrition recommendations are based on findings that prove that unfavorable pregnancy outcomes and cases of infertility can be avoided when both parents prepare themselves physically and mentally.  And while that may sound overwhelming, intimidating, and grueling, it doesn't have to be because you've got me! I break it down into baby steps so that you can implement them fast and be confident that you are doing your best.


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